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(Pictured: Greg Darby, Little General Store, Inc., Mary White, Children's Home Society, Traci Nelson, OMEGA, Brian Waugh, Par Mar Stores)

The West Virginia Oil Marketers & Grocers Association (OMEGA) raised $132,335 during their Every Child Deserves a Loving Home Mother’s Day Campaign to help children across the state dealing with crisis in the family. 

“West Virginian’s take care of their own; particularly our children,” said Traci Nelson, President of OMEGA. “We are very thankful that our convenience store members were able to raise this money to assist the Children’s Home Society of West Virginia in helping our most vulnerable population. We appreciate the public’s incredible spirit of generosity and desire to help children in need of adoption and families in crisis.” 

This multi-month campaign included the sale of brightly colored paper flowers at nearly 500 OMEGA-member convenience and grocery stores across West Virginia. 

The group also will hold their Jan Vineyard Children’s Charity Golf Outing in September for this initiative.

Mary White, Chief Operating Officer of the Children’s Home Society of West Virginia, said, “Our Mission is to protect children and strengthen families.  OMEGA provides the funding and other resources to help make a difference in the lives of thousands of children every year.  They are committed to West Virginia’s most vulnerable and they make a difference in our communities statewide.”    

White said funds will be used for the organization’s efforts to find foster and adoptive homes for children, to assist the emergency child shelters, and to support their resource centers. 
Nearly $3.3 million has been raised by OMEGA since 2003 for this and other efforts to help West Virginia children.

About the Children’s Home Society of West Virginia: 
The Children's Home Society of West Virginia is a private, non-profit child welfare organization founded in 1896. Comprehensive child welfare, behavioral health, social casework, and advocacy services are provided to over 13,000 children and families each year from thirteen primary locations throughout the state. Some of their current programs are statewide adoption and foster care programs, family strengthening and support programs, 8 emergency child shelters, volunteer and mentoring programs, wraparound support programs, and resource centers.   

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