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In the fourth year of the campaign, NFMM far exceeded expectations in the level of participation of the food retail industry.

Although the sheer volume of initiatives has declined since then, this November, voters in 38 states will consider over 150 initiatives, referendums or other measures on their state ballots. And many of these will directly impact the food retail industry. As in years past, to assist our members in navigating this flood of ballot activity, FMI has compiled the Ballot Measure Guide for the Grocery Industry: 2018 Edition.

FMI President and CEO Leslie Sarasin recently spoke at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Food Forward event and moderated a discussion on Mapping Consumer Trends with Nicole Davis, senior innovation manager of our brands for Kroger, and Danielle Gould, founder and CEO of Food+Tech Connect. Here’s are some photos and a quote from Sarasin from the event.

“Transparency is an imperative for growing consumer trust and loyalty.” These wise words are offered by FMI’s Doug Baker, vice president, industry relations in assessing The Transparency Imperative research study released in September by FMI, with support from Label Insight. This research looks at product labeling and transparency from the consumer perspective and why brand owners should care. Here are some key questions that this research addresses.

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