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Oscar Gonzalez, co-president and COO of Northgate Gonzalez Market, is chairman of FMI's 2020 Midwinter Executive Conference and a true leader when it comes to creating genuine experiences that hold true to his company’s personality. Under Oscar’s leadership we’ve created a program that pushes the imagination, asks provocative questions and delivers on tomorrow’s promises, but first, I invite you to hear from him on important emerging issues including the new marketplace, workforce, community relations, and health and well-being.

To help you navigate these rapid industry changes and consumer preferences, FMI is advancing to represent the business of food, wherever it is bought, sold or produced. We’re keeping our eye on evolving trends in the food industry from technology and the new consumer, to health and well-being initiatives and the expanding role of foodservice at retail.

Life is full of circumstances and situations that prompt us to evaluate our personal brand and make necessary changes, adapting to a new position or setting by shifting our brand. Sometimes these involve small adjustments and sometimes we must undergo a significant overhaul, a complete revamp.

January is technology season with a series of back-to-back events focused on the latest gadgets and gizmos. While reading about new technologies, it’s easy to begin to wonder how they will apply to your shoppers and your business model. Here are some insights from the January-tech craze to consider.

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