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The battle for a semi-final berth was incredibly tight with only three votes separating the covenanted eighth place slot advancing to the next round and the ninth-place finisher left with thoughts of what could have been and hopes for next year.

Food retailers can come to the rescue – as they have throughout this year’s pandemic – with solutions. In addition to being a resource for household staples and health and wellness products, retailers can provide ready-to-cook, ready-to-prepare and ready-to-eat offerings that make meals easier. Now is a good time to (once again) adapt and promote foodservice at retail programs as a solution for cooking fatigue and a different kind of holiday season.

Food retailers have been adapting their product and service differentiation strategies. In 2019, they pushed the boundaries to enhance strategies in specific areas. Then, in the pandemic period, they have pivoted on some strategies to accommodate shifting consumer needs. This year’s FMI Food Retailing Industry Speaks report illuminates how efforts played out in both years.

The retail food industry plays a significant role in assuring a safe food supply for the public. Individuals with food allergies rely on the information provided via product label or signage when making their purchasing decisions.

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