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The FMI Foundation, in collaboration with American Seed Trade Association, Farm Bureau and the Farm Foundation, recently commissioned Dr. Vincenzina Caputo at Michigan State University to conduct research gauging consumer acceptance of gene edited foods. Some key findings have emerged from this recently released study.

As the food industry focuses on our critical task of supplying grocery products to shoppers during the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s important to have strong partners to back our efforts. This crisis has created many fast and unexpected changes in how we normally do business. That means we need to explore new partners and business operations to meet and adapt to supply chain demands.

​The food industry is no stranger to responding to crisis. However, when it comes to responding to the national emergency brought on by COVID-19, the industry is rewriting the playbook on crisis response in real-time. This emergency is nationwide and is affecting different regions in different ways.

As grocery workers engages in the essential work of feeding families during this crisis, we’ve been honored to be among the many celebrating the work that they do each day. Here are just a few of the many social media posts thanking grocery employees.

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