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In a world that’s quickly moving from hard-copy binders to intranet portals, new opportunities and challenges arise for financial officers evaluating their plans.

As consumer demand to purchase groceries through e-commerce platforms increases, retailers and wholesalers must continue developing collaborative omnichannel models, with e-commerce experts, to improve operational efficiency, meet consumer demands and guarantee food safety.

Tim Steiner, co-founder and CEO of the UK-based retailer, attributes Ocado’s success to understanding the online shopper, as he says, “they like to shop with us whenever, wherever, which is what digital engagement allows us to do.”

Food retail venues tend to be the stage on which most food related dramas get played out. If there is controversy about a product, a production method or an ingredient, the questions often get raised at the point of retail – where the product meets the public – and not at the plant or farm where the product is made.

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