Guidelines for Reopening Certain Businesses Now Available
Gov. Jim Justice announced yesterday evening that the State had met the criteria of three consecutive days with Coronavirus positive cases below three percent, meaning that Week One of the “West Virginia Strong – the Comeback” begins today.  Today, hospitals can open for elective procedures, as well as other outpatient medical facilities.  Week Two actually begins Monday and provides that small businesses of ten or less people, professional services (nail salons, hair salons), outdoor dining for restaurants and churches can open.   Click here to read the full plan from the Governor.

States Vary on Reopening Protocols
Major retailers want a uniform back-to-business plan for the nation.

FDA Outlines Workplace Mask Protocol
A new visual guide helps foodservice businesses determine the right mask for their employees.

Retail Associations Offer Blueprint for Safe Shopping
The National Retail Federation and the Retail Leaders Industry Association, the nation's top two retail trade organizations, are out with a new blueprint for safe shopping.

Curbside Pickup Soars
More consumers than ever are using the contactless service, and the pace isn't expected to abate.

Consumers Reset Shopping Habits
Here are seven predictions about how the pandemic could permanently alter the way we shop.

Lawmakers, White House Consider Liability Protection for Businesses
Congressional leadership and White House officials are considering whether to propose liability protection to encourage businesses to reopen without fear of individuals claiming to have contracted the coronavirus at a business location.

The Pandemic Will Change the American Retail Forever
The United States is entering an evolutionary stage of retail as COVID-19 accelerates a number of preexisting retail trends.

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