The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will continue to process new applications for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) authorizations. However, in the interim, there will be a reduction in the volume of hard-copy documents processed. Applicant retailers will be required to upload documents using the Online Store Application (OSA) and newly authorized retailers will receive confirmation of their authorization through an email that will direct them to a new webpage. Upon visiting the website retailers will have access to welcome packet materials.SNAP Emergency Allotments Approved for CA, FL, MO, OK

USDA has approved four additional States’ requests to issue SNAP emergency allotments. CA, FL, MO, and OK have been approved. Please note that MO and OK plan to issue or begin issuing EA’s TODAY. There are also two scheduling revisions for OH and MA. All information is available in this chart.

West Virginia SNAP Update

West Virginia has submitted three waiver requests of SNAP rules to the federal government for approval. Two of these waivers have been approved.  The impact is below:

  • An extension of the renewal period for those who are already receiving SNAP.  If you were due to have your eligibility reviewed in March, April, or May, your review date will now be 6 months later.  Notifications will be sent to individuals with further, case specific information.
  • A supplemental payment will be provided to all individuals that currently receive SNAP.  The amount will be different for each client.  It will be an amount that takes the benefit to the maximum allowable amount, for that month.  These payments are planned to be released onto EBT cards on April 03 and on May 01.

The third waiver would allow college students that are not typically eligible to receive SNAP to be eligible.  This waiver has not yet been approved.

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