• White House Extends Social Distancing Guidelines Until End of April
    President Trump this week extended social distancing guidelines through April 30th. Additionally, governors and mayors nationwide continue to issue their own restrictions, shutting schools and many retail businesses. Public-health experts have said extended social distancing is needed until the U.S. develops a vigorous testing regime to identify and isolate cases. President Trump said he didn’t anticipate relaxing the guidelines before April 30 even for regions less affected by the virus.

  • NGA to Request Federal Benefits for Frontline Workers
    In a letter to Congress, NGA will be requesting that essential critical infrastructure workers receive federal benefits for their hard work on the frontlines of the coronavirus public health crisis. The letter recognizes the work these employees do to feed and protect Americans during a challenging time. The letter requests that Congress consider either exempting these employees from federal taxes, providing direct hazard payments, or by empowering employers to assign hazard pay through business incentives. The letter will be sent to Congress ahead of its potential consideration of another legislative package written to address the ongoing crisis.  
  • Convenience Stores Focus on Safe Store Transactions
    Across the nation, stores have been implementing social distancing measures in order to keep both their customers and employees safe. 7-Eleven, Wawa and High’s stores are among the stores that have announced extra precautions.

  • C-Stores’ Good Works Don’t Stop for COVID-19
    As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, convenience stores continue to be open and supporting those on the front lines and those in need. And when it comes to doing good deeds, onlookers have to admit, c-stores do it right.

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