Guidance for helping EBT clients purchase food under the current COVID-19 social distancing mandates
From the WV Department of Health & Human Resources

1. There are several options available to SNAP clients who would like to order food during the social distancing mandates related to COVID-19. These include:

  • SNAP client can place an order online or over the phone and pick it up at a store that offers online ordering options.
    • If the store has a wireless Point of Sale (POS) device, the customer can complete the transaction without having to leave the car.
    • If the store does not have a wireless POS, the client would need to complete the transaction at the POS in the store or
    • If the store has vouchers, the client can sign a voucher in lieu of using the instore POS.  
  • SNAP client can place the order online or over the phone and have the order delivered to their designated delivery address.
    • The transaction can be completed using a wireless POS.
    • The transaction can be completed using a voucher that is signed by the client, if the store has vouchers.
    • Delivery fees cannot be charged to the EBT card.  
  • SNAP client can place their order online or over the phone and designate a person to pick the order at the store using the client’s EBT card.
    • The transaction can be completed, using the SNAP client’s EBT card, in the store or by using a mobile POS device outside of the store.
    • The designated person would need to have the EBT card and the PIN to complete the transaction on a wireless POS or in the store.
    • The designated person would need to have the EBT card to complete the transaction using a voucher.
  • Retailers without wireless POS devices can complete a manual voucher which the SNAP customer or their designee would sign; the client or designee would need to have the EBT card with them to complete the purchase.

2. Delivery fees cannot be paid using SNAP benefits; retailers that charge delivery fees must accept payment for any delivery fee using another form of payment.

3. Clients should never pay for food by giving their EBT card number and PIN over the phone.

4. How do I place an order using my EBT card at Walmart? 

  • Walmart accepts EBT at all Walmart Grocery locations. Currently, Walmart does not accept WIC or eWIC.
  • For Pickup - At most stores, you can pay for your order using an EBT card when you arrive.
  • Follow these steps to place an EBT order:
    • Select your pickup location, time slot, and add items to your cart.
    • Then, select Check out.
    • On the Select payment method screen, select the EBT card button. Then, Continue.
    • Bring your EBT card to the pickup location. A Walmart Associate will process your payment when you arrive.

5. Online purchasing with Walmart or other merchants is not available in West Virginia currently.

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