OMEGA members do a great job managing their businesses. However, as with all major industries, OMEGA members receive oversight by many city, county, state and federal regulatory agencies.  In addition to policing ourselves, listed below are just some of the state agencies which oversee and regulate member operations:

Regulatory Agency Nature of Regulation

  • Agriculture Department: Food and Food Safety
  • Alcohol Beverage Control Alcohol Administration (ABCA): Alcohol & Tobacco Sales
  • Attorney General's Office: Consumer Protection
  • Department Health & Human Resources & Child Advocate Office: Fod Safety and Training and Compliance of Tobacco Sales
  • Department of Highways: Trucking Regulations
  • Department of Tax & Revenue: Tax Collections and Payments
  • Division of Environmental Protection: Air and Water Quality, Groundwater Protection and Underground Storage Protection
  • Lottery Commission: Sales of Lottery Tickets for the State
  • Division of Homeland Security: Supply of Fuel and Food during Emergency Periods & Emergency Management
  • Public Service Commission: Trucking Rates and Fees to WV
  • Secretary of State: Licensing and Business Registrations
  • State Fire Commission: Regulation of Above Ground Storage Tanks and Building Safety
  • Division of Labor Weights & Measures: Calibration of Pumps, Tanks and Meters, Fuel Quality, and Verification of Scales, Registers, Scanners and Weighing Devices for Accuracy
  • Insurance Commission: Insurance

In addition to these state agencies, OMEGA members are also governed by their counterparts on the local and federal level, such as the Department of Transportation, Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency, FDA, Homeland Security, IRS, Energy Information Administration, Department of Labor, and many, many more.  For a more complete listing or for questions concerning the regulation of OMEGA businesses, contact at (304) 343-5500.

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