In an effort to meet customer demand and increase product offerings, more and more OMEGA member grocers and convenience stores are providing in-store food service.  Items offered range from prepared deli sandwiches and ice cream to in-store food service.

Items offered range from prepared deli sandwiches and ice cream to in-store restaurants. While customers enjoy the convenience and enhanced products, providing food service for the public comes with  major responsibilities. First and foremost, is the issue of food safety.
Grocers are regulated by the Food & Drug Administration and must adhere to regulations on a federal level, such as Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) for all produce, seafood and fresh meat products.
OMEGA has made a commitment to food-safety training. Through an innovative partnership between the West Virginia Office of Hospitality Education and Training and the National Restaurant Association's Education Foundation, more than 60 West Virginia members were trained and certified in all aspects of food safety. Following the National Restaurant Association's SafeServ Training Program, members are educated on proper methods for handling, receiving, storing, preparing and serving food.
Nationally, we are working with the on it's FDA Retail Food Safety Action Plan, seeking to promote food safety in retail stores, restaurants, schools and other food service operations. The FDA has established a cooperative agreement for the action plan with the National Association of County and City Health Officials to promote the best practices used by local authorities and develop the tools to strengthen retail food safety oversight. FDA has also issued a supplement to the 2009 FDA Food Code, which includes new recommendations including that retail food establishments hire at least one certified food protection manager.
Food safety is an ongoing concern among OMEGA members, and the SafeServ program is offered on an annual basis.

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